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CBI provides a physical US Shipping Address where you can have your purchases shipped & stored. Follow 4 easy steps.

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CBI Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: I am worried about losing my purchases sent to CBI. What does CBI do to protect & secure packages? Are my online purchases I have sent to CBI insured?

    A: The CBI warehouse uses a 24/7 video monitoring security system. All received shipments (packages, skids, vehicles, etc) are FULLY INSURED for the original declared insurance amount with the carrier used to ship to CBI (i.e. FedEx, UPS etc.) This allows the customer peace-of-mind knowing that the same level of insurance applies until you pick up your shipment.

    In the event that a package is declared missing or damaged by a customer, the customer will be required to provide appropriate documentation detailing the value of the contents and declared insurance value of the shipment to CBI. CBI then has 30 days to research, process and resolve the issue.

    CBI is not be responsible for packages:

    1. That were damaged due to improper packaging
    2. Addressed to an incorrect address
    3. Shipped to CBI without having setup an account and received a PMB #.
    4. Sent without the PMB# being listed on the package
    5. Addressed to a name other than what was originally registered to said PMB#
    6. That did not have insurance purchased with the original carrier.

    CBI reserves the right to pay the claim at the fair market value of the item or the insured amount (whichever is less) or replace the lost or damaged item at our discretion. CBI is not responsible for any other costs beyond the value of the item. (i.e. lost time, wages, profit etc.)

    Q: How do I use my Canadian Credit Card to make US purchases? How can I purchase from online US retailers and have them ship packages to a US address that doesn’t match my credit card’s Canadian home address?

    A: Call bank that issued your credit card and make request to add a secondary address to your file (use CBI’s US Shipping Address). It is that easy, you can now use your Canadian credit card for US purchases. To avoid all possible shipping restrictions without opening up a US bank account, CBI recommends signing up for a US prepaid credit/debit visa/master card — no credit checks, no debt, no late fees, shop safely online, & many other features & benefits. Visit: www.netspend.com (easy link on Deals! page)

    Q: What payments do you accept?

    A: For customer convenience, CBI accepts cash (US & Canadian), debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) & Paypal (online).

    Q: Are there any size limitation?

    A: There are NO size limitations — as long as it fits through our overhead door! Including but not limited to automobiles, motorcycles, furniture – nothing is too large … or too small.

    Please see our Services for a full breakdown of our price structure including oversize and storage fees.

    Q: What carriers do you receive packages from?

    A: We receive items including mail, packages, skids, etc. from any carrier, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, trucking companies, etc.

    Q: How long will CBI hold my packages before I am charged a holding fee?

    A: Storage is FREE for the first 180 days (~6 months) for all customers for standard packages.

    We will hold your package for as long as you would like beyond the 180 days of free storage. However, a $0.15 + Tax per day, per package charge will apply and you will need to pay for your storage fees on a monthly basis using a Credit Card or PayPal account through our automated tracking system

    Note: Skids, Vehicles, Boats, ATV’s etc are subject to daily storage/holding fees from the first day that they are received.

    Please see our Services for more information

    Q: Can I have someone else pick-up my package(s) for me?

    A: Yes, however the following criteria is mandatory:

    1. You must know the account holder’s PMB and name
    2. You must know the name that is on the package
    3. You must have the full tracking number
    4. You must have an up-to-date photo ID

    Be prepared for delays to verify all information. We may have to contact the account holder.

    Q: Can I also receive US Mail including but not limited to Magazines & Catalogs?

    A: Yes, all registered CBI Members who choose option 2 receive an assigned Private Mailbox # & a physical mail slot to receive US Mail. There are no mail receiving fees.

    Q: Do I need to register before having packages shipped to CBI?

    A: Yes, due to USPS compliance, all customers are required to register, include a PMB # on shipping address, & fill-out/sign/submit a USPS 1583 form.

    Q: My UPS/Fedex tracking # shows delivery on a holiday closing day. Will carrier send back my package(s) if they can’t deliver?

    A: No, all carriers know CBI’s schedule & will make delivery on the very next opening day.

    Q: Is CBI’s US Shipping Address considered a PO box? The seller will not ship to PO boxes.

    A: No, CBI’s US Shipping Address is a physical address, NOT a PO box. CBI receives items from private carriers every day (except Sundays), including UPS & FedEx, who will not deliver to PO boxes. CBI assigns you a Private Mailbox (PMB) number, not a Post Office (PO) box number, resulting in your own legitimate US Shipping & Mailing Address.

    Q: Does CBI have a loading dock?

    A: Yes, CBI has dock facilities & can unload any type of freight. We haven’t refused any freight in over 30 years.

    Q: An online retailer will not ship to package forwarding companies. How can I make purchase and have sent to my US address @ CBI?

    A: CBI can help. Please contact us by sending e-mail to info@cbiusa.com using Contact Us page.

    Q: I just registered, can I use the service BEFORE submitting required USPS form?

    A: Yes, you can start using CBI’s service immediately. Please submit signed form at pick-up.

    Q: Can items that “require a signature” be shipped to CBI?

    A: Yes, CBI receives, accepts, & signs for many items that require signature confirmation.

    Q: What are your 2024 holiday closings:

    CBI is currently operating on more limited schedule due to staff shortages. Our hours are Monday - Friday 10AM - 2PM.

    We are also closed on the following holidays.

    Friday, March 29th ,2024 - Good Friday

    Saturday, March 30th, 2024 - Easter weekend

    Monday, May 27th, 2024 - Memorial Day

    Thursday, July 4, 2024 - Independence Day

    Monday, Sept. 2, 2024 - Labor Day

    Thursday and Friday, Nov. 28 and 29, 2024 - Thanksgiving

    Christmas Closings - will advise

    New Year’s Closings - will advise

    Q: Should I use Rainbow or Queenston-Lewiston Bridge when traveling between Canada & US?

    A: CBI (and customers) recommends using the Rainbow Bridge for the following reasons:

    -Rainbow Bridge (RB) has over twice as many custom inspection lanes as Queenston-Lewiston Bridge (Q-L). RB custom inspection lanes 18US/15CAN vs. Q-L custom inspection lanes 7US/7CAN.
    -No commercial truck traffic is allowed on Rainbow Bridge verses Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, which allows commercial truck traffic. -less thru traffic on Rainbow Bridge, since there is no direct connection with thruway -the Rainbow Bridge includes the beautiful scenic view of Niagara Falls

    All of the reasons above make Rainbow Bridge a much faster & more enjoyable international bridge crossing experience.

    Q: If I schedule a pick-up for a package or freight by a third party carrier(ie. UPS, Fedex etc), do I need to contact CBI ahead of time?

    A: Yes, CBI must be informed prior to the carrier arriving to our warehouse. Any and all applicable fees must be paid prior to release of the package or freight to the third party carrier.

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