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Help us get ready for the move to our new location! Please pick up as many packages as possible in August and September. We will hopefully be moving in October!
CBI provides a physical US Shipping Address where you can have your purchases shipped & stored. Follow 4 easy steps.

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Cudaback Location:

1711 Cudaback Ave
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Phone: 716-282-7447
Fax: 716-282-8632


M-Fri 9AM TO 5PM

Next Holiday Closing:

Labor Day -Monday, Sept. 3
See FAQs for entire list
of holiday closings

Map - CBI USA Warehouse Location


US Shipping Address & US Mailbox Rental:
Trusted for over 23 years, CBI specializes in providing Canadian businesses & individuals in the Ontario area US Shipping Address & US Mailbox Rental services. We offer the perfect temporary spot to store your US purchases & regular mail until you’re ready to pick them up.

Shipping valuable purchases? All items (packages, skids, vehicles, etc.) received & signed for by CBI include CBI’s exclusive FULL replacement guarantee — if item is missing or damaged, CBI will replace 100% of item value. Do not trust your purchases with any less of a liability policy.

Pick one of these payment options.
Option #1: Per package plan – $5.95 USD per package
Option #2: Annual Membership plan – $108 USD with unlimited $1.80 per package for 12 months

Applies to both options:
Oversize packages: If your package is over 70 lbs and/or 84 inches (length plus girth), there is an additional $5.50 oversize fee.
Tires: $5.95 per tire with no additional oversize or holding fee.
TVs: $27 (includes oversize & holding fees)
Skids: $27 to receive a skid & $2.00 per night storage fee. Oversize skids larger than 48“x42“x48” are subject to additional handling & storage fees.
Cars (running): $100 to receive & additional $10 per night inside storage fee
Cars (non-running): $150 to receive & additional $5 per night outside storage fee


Canadian Customers can save $$ and access countless US sold & shipped products by making US purchases using CBI’s US shipping address as their own business or personal US mailing address. We are not limited to only packages. We receive large bulk items including skids, vehicles, and anything else that fits through our over head doors.

Many US online retailers, distributors, and individuals will not ship to Canada and will only ship to a US address due to the complexity of international shipping documentation and regulatory requirements. This has prevented Canadian businesses and individuals from easily purchasing US sold goods. In general, US sold goods are much lower cost due to the volume of the US consumer market and most recently the very favorable US exchange rate. There are also many product options in the US that are not available in Canada. CBI offers Ontario customers a safe & easy alternative to access these low-cost deals & countless product options offered to US customers. Take advantage of online retailers offering FREE shipping to US addresses like Amazon.com. Don’t pay high international shipping costs from those US online retailers offering international shipping.

Summary of US Online shopping advantages:

  • very lowest prices (even when compared to US Discount Stores)
  • endless product selection – access items that can’t be found in Canada and even US retail stores
  • free shipping to US addresses (offered by many online US retailers like amazon.com)
  • bid your way to an even more amazing deal on websites like ebay.com
  • shop, compare prices, & save all in the comfort & privacy of your home
  • most online sales are tax free!
  • your hard earned $$ goes even further with the favorable exchange rate buying from US retailers


Shipping & Packaging:
CBI USA is also an authorized UPS Shipping Outlet, making us the low cost alternative to the UPS Store & Mail Boxes Etc. We offer free recycled shipping materials to meet your shipping needs. We charge the standard UPS shipping rates. Please go to UPS website for more rate details. Daily pick-up is at 4pm. USPS shipping services will SOON be available.


Storage & Warehousing: We offer temporary storage for skids, pallets, vehicles, ATVs, boats, etc. inside & outside at low rates. We will soon be offering secure self-serve mini storage with 24/7 access.

Skid: $2.00 per night storage fee
Vehicle, boat, motorcycle, ATV, etc. (stored inside): $10 per night storage fee
Vehicle, boat, motorcycle, ATV, etc. (stored outside): $5 per night storage fee


Summary of key services:

  • US Shipping Address & US Mailbox Rental
  • Shipping & Packaging
  • Storage & Warehousing 


Other services:

  • Cross-Docking 
  • Fulfillment & Order Processing (we are now accepting new fulfillment & order processing jobs)